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Frexy Glyph Icons Collection

Free Frexy Glyph Icons SVG Vectors and Icons. Frexy Glyph Icons icons and vector packs for Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and websites. Browse 800 vector icons about Frexy Glyph Icons term.

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Wacom Tablet SVG File
Wacom Tablet SVG Icon
Wallet SVG File
Wallet SVG Icon
Wash Machine 2 SVG File
Wash Machine 2 SVG Icon
View SVG File
View SVG Icon
Wall SVG File
Wall SVG Icon
Wash Machine SVG File
Wash Machine SVG Icon
Watch SVG File
Watch SVG Icon
Weight Down SVG File
Weight Down SVG Icon
Webcam SVG File
Webcam SVG Icon
Wheel Chair SVG File
Wheel Chair SVG Icon
Weight Up SVG File
Weight Up SVG Icon
Weight Kilograms SVG File
Weight Kilograms SVG Icon
Wheel Steel SVG File
Wheel Steel SVG Icon
Wifi 1 SVG File
Wifi 1 SVG Icon
Wind Turbines SVG File
Wind Turbines SVG Icon
Wood Stove SVG File
Wood Stove SVG Icon
Wieght SVG File
Wieght SVG Icon
Window SVG File
Window SVG Icon
Wrench SVG File
Wrench SVG Icon
Yen SVG File
Yen SVG Icon
Wrench Screwdriver SVG File
Wrench Screwdriver SVG Icon
Zip SVG File
Zip SVG Icon
Ying Yang SVG File
Ying Yang SVG Icon
Zoom In SVG File
Zoom In SVG Icon
Abacus SVG File
Abacus SVG Icon
Zoom Out SVG File
Zoom Out SVG Icon
Adjustment Vertical SVG File
Adjustment Vertical SVG Icon
Air Balloon SVG File
Air Balloon SVG Icon
Adjustment Horizon SVG File
Adjustment Horizon SVG Icon
Airplane SVG File
Airplane SVG Icon
Airplane 2 SVG File
Airplane 2 SVG Icon
Alarm Clock SVG File
Alarm Clock SVG Icon
Alien SVG File
Alien SVG Icon
Align Center SVG File
Align Center SVG Icon
Aligh Left SVG File
Aligh Left SVG Icon
Align Left SVG File
Align Left SVG Icon
Ambulance SVG File
Ambulance SVG Icon
Align Right SVG File
Align Right SVG Icon
Anchor SVG File
Anchor SVG Icon
Android SVG File
Android SVG Icon
Angle 1 SVG File
Angle 1 SVG Icon
Antenna 1 SVG File
Antenna 1 SVG Icon
Angle 2 SVG File
Angle 2 SVG Icon
Apron SVG File
Apron SVG Icon
Arrow Backward SVG File
Arrow Backward SVG Icon
Arrow Change SVG File
Arrow Change SVG Icon
Arrow Forward SVG File
Arrow Forward SVG Icon
Arrow Circle Rycycle SVG File
Arrow Circle Rycycle SVG Icon
Arrow Down SVG File
Arrow Down SVG Icon
Arrow Four Way SVG File
Arrow Four Way SVG Icon
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