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Stylized Oval Interface Icons Collection

Free Stylized Oval Interface Icons SVG Vectors and Icons. Stylized Oval Interface Icons icons and vector packs for Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and websites. Browse 47 vector icons about Stylized Oval Interface Icons term.

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Battery Low SVG File
Battery Low SVG Icon
Battery X SVG File
Battery X SVG Icon
Bluetooth SVG File
Bluetooth SVG Icon
Bookmark 1 SVG File
Bookmark 1 SVG Icon
Bell Slash SVG File
Bell Slash SVG Icon
Bluetooth Connect SVG File
Bluetooth Connect SVG Icon
Bookmark X SVG File
Bookmark X SVG Icon
Bookmark Check SVG File
Bookmark Check SVG Icon
Bookmark SVG File
Bookmark SVG Icon
Broken Link SVG File
Broken Link SVG Icon
Bookmarks SVG File
Bookmarks SVG Icon
Bulp Lamp Off SVG File
Bulp Lamp Off SVG Icon
Bulp Lamp On SVG File
Bulp Lamp On SVG Icon
Car SVG File
Car SVG Icon
Circle Baterry SVG File
Circle Baterry SVG Icon
Copy SVG File
Copy SVG Icon
Cast SVG File
Cast SVG Icon
Cross Hair SVG File
Cross Hair SVG Icon
Cursor 1 SVG File
Cursor 1 SVG Icon
Cursor Check SVG File
Cursor Check SVG Icon
Download Cloud SVG File
Download Cloud SVG Icon
Cursor SVG File
Cursor SVG Icon
Cursor Clock SVG File
Cursor Clock SVG Icon
Filter 1 SVG File
Filter 1 SVG Icon
Filter SVG File
Filter SVG Icon
Filter 2 SVG File
Filter 2 SVG Icon
Heart Slash SVG File
Heart Slash SVG Icon
Heart X SVG File
Heart X SVG Icon
Heart Check SVG File
Heart Check SVG Icon
History Check SVG File
History Check SVG Icon
Keyboard Backspace SVG File
Keyboard Backspace SVG Icon
Home SVG File
Home SVG Icon
Phone Rotary SVG File
Phone Rotary SVG Icon
Pin Location SVG File
Pin Location SVG Icon
Keyboard Command SVG File
Keyboard Command SVG Icon
Rotate Left SVG File
Rotate Left SVG Icon
Rotate Right SVG File
Rotate Right SVG Icon
Slider Horizontal SVG File
Slider Horizontal SVG Icon
Sync Check SVG File
Sync Check SVG Icon
Star SVG File
Star SVG Icon
Slider Vertical SVG File
Slider Vertical SVG Icon
Sync SVG File
Sync SVG Icon
User Convert SVG File
User Convert SVG Icon
Trash 1 SVG File
Trash 1 SVG Icon
User History SVG File
User History SVG Icon
User SVG File
User SVG Icon
User Down SVG File
User Down SVG Icon
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