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Tiny Filled Colored Icons Collection

Free Tiny Filled Colored Icons SVG Vectors and Icons. Tiny Filled Colored Icons icons and vector packs for Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and websites. Browse 80 vector icons about Tiny Filled Colored Icons term.

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Jacket SVG File
Jacket SVG Icon
Label SVG File
Label SVG Icon
Watch SVG File
Watch SVG Icon
Bag SVG File
Bag SVG Icon
Backpack SVG File
Backpack SVG Icon
Handbag SVG File
Handbag SVG Icon
Lay Flat Book SVG File
Lay Flat Book SVG Icon
Certificate SVG File
Certificate SVG Icon
Record SVG File
Record SVG Icon
Book SVG File
Book SVG Icon
Bags SVG File
Bags SVG Icon
Mechanical Pencil SVG File
Mechanical Pencil SVG Icon
Crayons SVG File
Crayons SVG Icon
Two Pencils SVG File
Two Pencils SVG Icon
Ruler Eraser SVG File
Ruler Eraser SVG Icon
Order SVG File
Order SVG Icon
Ham Sausage SVG File
Ham Sausage SVG Icon
Sausage SVG File
Sausage SVG Icon
Hot Drink SVG File
Hot Drink SVG Icon
Yogurt SVG File
Yogurt SVG Icon
Coffee SVG File
Coffee SVG Icon
Popsicle SVG File
Popsicle SVG Icon
Drumstick SVG File
Drumstick SVG Icon
Wine SVG File
Wine SVG Icon
Refrigerator SVG File
Refrigerator SVG Icon
Radio SVG File
Radio SVG Icon
Apple SVG File
Apple SVG Icon
Cherry SVG File
Cherry SVG Icon
Micro Wave Oven SVG File
Micro Wave Oven SVG Icon
Camera SVG File
Camera SVG Icon
Bathroom SVG File
Bathroom SVG Icon
Broadcast SVG File
Broadcast SVG Icon
Flower SVG File
Flower SVG Icon
Washing Machine SVG File
Washing Machine SVG Icon
Towel SVG File
Towel SVG Icon
Juicer SVG File
Juicer SVG Icon
Lightning SVG File
Lightning SVG Icon
Clear SVG File
Clear SVG Icon
Cloudy Night SVG File
Cloudy Night SVG Icon
Partly Cloudy SVG File
Partly Cloudy SVG Icon
Pencil SVG File
Pencil SVG Icon
Mostly Cloudy SVG File
Mostly Cloudy SVG Icon
Temperature SVG File
Temperature SVG Icon
Snow SVG File
Snow SVG Icon
Hail SVG File
Hail SVG Icon
Few Clouds SVG File
Few Clouds SVG Icon
Rain SVG File
Rain SVG Icon
Newspaper SVG File
Newspaper SVG Icon
Umbrella SVG File
Umbrella SVG Icon
Earphone SVG File
Earphone SVG Icon
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